Does anybody have a sample of a NMEA device with the 1024 week bug?

Eric S. Raymond esr at
Wed Apr 26 09:25:06 UTC 2017

Trevor N. via devel <devel at>:
> I have a device that will rollover after week 1998 (in 2018) that I
> just tested with a GPS simulator set to 2 years in the future,
> attached to ntpd classic with a +2 year offset in get_ostime (and
> "disable ntp" in conf)  and ntpcal_get_build_date() of 2016. The
> 512-week-around-receive-timestamp code in the driver fixed the
> timecode timestamp from 1999-09-10 to the proper date.

Oh, that's good.

Please test with our code, if that's convenient.
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