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Tue Apr 25 20:18:26 UTC 2017

Hal Murray <hmurray at megapathdsl.net>:
> You are confusing project lifetime with the life of a specific release.

Fair point. My error.

> Can you find documentation for the 20 year old version of ntp classic?  (as 
> modified by the distro you are using)

Let's see, 20 years old is 1997 at this point...I think I've seen NTP docs
that old or nearly when Googling.  It's hard to tell because there are so
very many stale NTP documentation trees on the web, often without obvious
indication of year or version of origin.

On the other hand, those hits do not necessarily mean the
installations they're describing are still running, either.  Many of
them seem to be related to extinct-dinosaur big-iron Unixes and are
probably still up only because nobody thought to remove them when a
machine was decomissioned (I've seen a lot of these in edu).

I don't think we can deduce much from that noise.

> I picked 20 years for discussion because that is the GPS rollover time.  Our 
> current code will break after 20 years if used with a really old GPS receiver.

Yes.  I don't see any way to fix that in the general case.
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