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Fri Apr 21 01:29:31 UTC 2017

Gary E. Miller <gem at rellim.com>:
> So many balls in the air, I'll wait for a few to get caught first.

I wish I could do that...

I've been quiet for the last couple of days because Cathy and I have
been struggling with the aftermath of that *vicious* flu.  I no longer
have overt symptoms, Cathy has only minor cold-like ones, but we're
both tired a lot of the time and needing more sleep than usual. Minor
exertion can knock us flat.  I'd heard this can sometimes happen after
Type A influenza but never encountered it before. I have good days
when I think it's gone, then next day I'm chronically
exhausted. Depressing not knowing how long it will last; we were
vaguely warned that such effects can linger for weeks.

However, this does not mean Penguicon is a scrub.  Even if I'm not
fully recovered by then, the modafinil I keep around for mitigating
my CP spasticity is the exact drug normally prescribed for post-viral
fatique syndrome. I try to avoid taking the stuff oftener than I need
to because I don't want to develop a lifestyle dependency, but being
fully functional for our FTF qualifies as "need".

What I'm doing when I can summon enough energy to work is ploughing my
way through the huge mass of back mail about pivot and related topics
trying to boil it down into a work plan that I can post here for

I'm already pretty sure we're going to want to move the pivot logic to
packet receipt time.  But I'm *not* sure we should do this
immediately; the bug won't become urgent until 2036, which gives us
plenty of time to build a test jig and be sure we get the change
right.  Gary's implementation of a pivot environment variable

Beats me why Mills didn't write it that way to begin with.  I don't catch
him in architectural mistakes often, he was pretty good that way even by
my elevated standards, but this sure seems to be one.
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