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Yo All!

It seems NTP Classic added (non-standard) support for reproduceable
builds since commit 24e5bcb672a0006c9854e04036793569d7a71c7f in Dec

This worked until commit c2d30fff9f1697bbc041065dda2a72b37755afa1
in Jan 2017 which broke it.

As of my recent commit 8cf918e318049767f452b4693de1cb45d7c6543a
the support for reproduceable builds should be working again.  And
it is compliant with the specification found here:


Until now, the pivot date and the NMEA base date, where derived
at compile time from __DATE__ and __TIME__.  Now they are derived
from the EPOCH which is set at configure time.  So for most cases
it will be within a minute of compile time.  If you wait 10 years
between configureing and compiling you might find some issues with
your binary.

For reproduceable builds the EPOCH can be set to an arbitrary time
by either of: 'waf --epcoch=EPOCH'  or setting an environment
variable: 'export SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH=EPOCH'

The standard recommends settng EPOCH by default to the date of the
last source file modification.  I'm not sure if that is desirable, 
should be optional, or just ignored.

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