warnings, attic/sht.c

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sat Apr 8 20:20:48 UTC 2017

gem at rellim.com said:
>> I don't know what the right fix is.
> So the fix is to include ntp.h.  I thought I had already done that.
>> Is sht supposed to be stand-alone?
> Yes. 

Maybe I should have said build-alone rather than stand-alone.

It currently doesn't include ntp.h and only gets one warning (on my setup).

So if we change it to use some other randomness, we can remove the linking
with our libraries.

>> I just pushed fixes for a couple of warnings.
> I do not understand this one:
> Cool, thanks. 

I don't understand what you don't understand.

After a git pull, I ran tests/option-tester.sh on a Fedora system.
It found 3 warnings.  I fixed 2 of them. The 3rd is discussed above.

> Only 800 more warning messages to fix...

Are you using an optional flag or unpushed change to get those?  I'm only 
seeing one warning, the one from sht.

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