✘minpoll=maxpoll from 0 to 8 for RasPi 3

Gary E. Miller gem at rellim.com
Mon Sep 26 19:46:52 UTC 2016

Yo All!

Since minpoll=maxpoll=0 is starting to work, I added another test
on the RasPi 3 for that value.  No need to do so on the Xeon since
that would clearly be a bad setting.


      Local Clock      Local Clock  Local Clock    PPS         PPS
Poll  Freq Offset 90%  Jitter 90%   Stability 90%  Offset 90%  Jitter 90%
0          1.0 ppm        0.65µs       8.2 ppt         1.55µs    0.76µs
1          1.1 ppm        0.43µs       2.3 ppt         1.6µs     0.34µs
2          1.1 ppm        0.08µs       2.9 ppt         2.2µs     0.20µs
3          0.5 ppm        0.18µs       1.9 ppt         3.0µs     0.56µs
4          1.12ppm        1.27µs       2.26ppt        10.3µs     4.11µs
5          1.36ppm        1.34µs       2.64ppt        11.4µs     4.43µs
6          1.4 ppm        3.3 µs       2.2 ppt        68. µs     9.7 µs
7          1.15ppm        1.14µs       1.77ppt         9.4µs     3.45µs
8          0.89ppm       39.9 µs       6.86ppt       977. µs    95.2 µs

Here poll=1 (2 sec) still looks best to me.  But poll=0 (1 sec) pretty
close.  A 1/5 second poll would be interesting, but that would require
major surgery in ntpd, so not likely anytime soon.

I wish all the data was a bit more linear.  The poll=7 data sticks out,
I'll prolly have to rerun the data sometime.  I don't think the Local
CLock Frequency Offset data is useful here, it corelates to room temp
not to poll.

Gary E. Miller Rellim 109 NW Wilmington Ave., Suite E, Bend, OR 97703
	gem at rellim.com  Tel:+1 541 382 8588
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