How much do we care about high-load scenarios?

Eric S. Raymond esr at
Wed Sep 14 21:22:51 UTC 2016

Gary E. Miller <gem at>:
> Sadly, unless you have threading there is no way to A/B test it against
> no threading.  So let us not rip out any existing threading until it
> gets tested.

There isn't threading any there to rip out, except for the one hack to avoid
stalls on DNS lookups.  Different part of the code.

There was code for signaled asynchronous packet I/O.  Hal thinks it
was a hack to get around not being able to get real arrival timestamps
from the packet layer. He's probably right.

I took it out because the NTF build had an assumption built in that
that it didn't work on basically any modern Unix - I doubt it had even
been compiled in a decade.
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