How much do we care about high-load scenarios?

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Wed Sep 14 20:55:07 UTC 2016

Yo Eric!

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> Eric S. Raymond <esr at>:
> > John D. Bell <JDB at>:  
> > > *If* I were the architect on this project (thankfully I'm not!) I
> > > would get the code simplified and streamlined in single-thread
> > > mode as far as possible, and then design and code a
> > > POSIX-threading-conformant "improvement".  
> > 
> > That is exactly the contingency plan I have unless Higher Authority
> > (Mark and LF) tells me we need to do something else and do it now.  
> I should amplify that a little.
> I will not willingly take the complexity hit of multithreading
> *anything* until I see benchmark numbers demonstrating a bottleneck
> that can be effectively addressed in no other way.  It's not good
> enough to just handwave and say "high load, we gotta optimize" -
> without measurements optimization is premature and you know what
> *that* means.

Sadly, unless you have threading there is no way to A/B test it against
no threading.  So let us not rip out any existing threading until it
gets tested.

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