ntpviz - Don't plot a line during data absence

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sun Oct 23 20:39:32 UTC 2016

gem at rellim.com said:
>> If the polling interval is X, there may be up to 8X gaps in peerstats.
> Ah, lost me.  Say what? 

Look at the time differences between samples for an IP Address in peerstats.

If the polling interval is X, there will be a line in rawstats for each 
packet received.  If none are lost, the spacing will be X.

There is a filter between the raw packets and the ones that come out of 
peerstats.  It has a buffer of the last 8 samples.  It only uses the one with 
the lowest round trip time.  So if you get 8 samples in a row with increasing 
RTT, the last 7 will get saved until the a new sample bumps the first one out 
of the buffer.

Refclocks samples always get through.  I assume it takes new samples when the 
RTT is equal but there might be a simple special case test.

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