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Yo Eric!

On Sun, 16 Oct 2016 15:14:19 -0400
"Eric S. Raymond" <esr at thyrsus.com> wrote:

> > Many CSV files have a comment line on top with the field names.  
> Good idea. Gonna be *mandatory* for anybody generating CSV in our
> pond.  Also strict conformance to RFC4180, at pain of my extreme
> displeasure. Data formats that aren't well-standardized and
> self-describing give me hives - they always, always, *always* cause
> trouble down the road.

This has sorta mutated to a data format discussion.  ntpviz added a
summary csv file in the last week.  It has column titles in the
first line.

I was unaware of RFC 4180, and it mandates CRLF as line ending, not the
\n that I used.  I just pushed a fix to this.  Someone familiar with
RFC4180 should check the format is correct.

I chose CSV over JSON because the data is simple 2D and most people will
just import the summary.csv file into Libreoffice, or similar, directly
from their browser.  CSV files are trivial to import, but Libreoffice
has no obvious way to directly import JSON.

Here is a link to a current summary file:


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