Python ntpq

Hal Murray hmurray at
Sat Nov 26 22:43:39 UTC 2016

> No can do.  You're going to have to live with using the --wide option.

I think you should pay more attention to user feedback, especially when changing existing behavior.

It's just as hard to understand stuff that's too wide as it is to figure out what's going on when the names get truncated.

Most of my terminal windows are 80 characters wide so I don't see the problem very often.  But sometimes I use ntpq on a system that isn't running X (yet).  The width depends on the font size, but my typical font makes a line well over 100 characters.  Your new format is useless.

I think a sensible upper limit would be a reasonable approach.  It's at least worth a try.  Or a build time option to enable/disable the auto-wide mode.

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