Heads up - directory reorganization coming

Eric S. Raymond esr at thyrsus.com
Thu Nov 24 12:31:17 UTC 2016

Just so nobody is surprised...once the Python port of ntpdig lands I'm
planning to move ntpkeygen to Python, then change the shape of the
source tree.  It made sense when we had more multiple-file C
subprojects lying around, but not so much now.

The Pythonized tools (actually, anything that doesn't have its own
wscript, so ntpleapfetch as well) will all move to a common directory,
probably named "tools".  The directories I expect to get merged are
ntpdig, ntpkeygen, ntpleapfetch,  ntpq, ntpstats, ntpsweep, ntpwait,
and ntptrace.

The goal here is to make a less branchy tree so the overall
organization is more easily taken in at a glance.  I think it's still
good to avoid mixing C files from different subprojects in the same
directory, and I'll stick to that for ntpd/ntptime/ntpfrob.  But I
think less branchiness will now lower friction just slightly more
than perfect one-directory-per-tool consistency - otherwise I'd
take us the other direction and do ntpstats -> ntpviz.

If anyone thinks they have a better idea, please speak up.
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