Progress, and a puzzle.

Eric S. Raymond esr at
Thu Nov 3 21:42:07 UTC 2016

Mark Atwood <fallenpegasus at>:
> > You could fix that.  I'd probably wait until there is a good reason to add
> > another command.
> >
> At least for the time being, we want the Python implementation of ntpq to
> interop with NTP Classic.  And even if we manage to land a fixing patch on
> NTP Classic, we want to be able to interop with older versions of NTP
> Classic, at least until all major distros upgrade.
> We're going to have to live with mode6 as it exists right now, for a while
> yet.

Agreed.  As I noted to Hal, the problems with the design are not
serious enough to merit causing any compatibility issues.
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