on reports from Synopsys Coverity, Defensics and Protecode

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Thank you for setting up the Synopsys suite for NTPsec.

I've almost never seen automatic bugfiling by a robot work well.

Modulo that, automatically assigning to the developer that "owns" that line
of code is not something we want to do on NTPsec, for two reasons, one
philosophical, and one practical. First, we want to discourage "code
ownership" by individual developers.  Two, when you run "git blame" against
an arbitrary line of code in NTPsec, it will probably name someone who is
not part of our current team.

If the report is readable in a textmode email reader client, and if the
report can be configured to just show new issues, emailing it to
devel at ntpsec.org would be effective.  On what schedule is an interesting


On Wed, Mar 30, 2016 at 4:19 PM Daniel Poirot <dtpoirot at gmail.com> wrote:

> I am starting up a NTPsec instance of the suite of Synopsys development
> testing tools - Coverity, Defensics and Protecode.
> One feature of the static analysis tool is the assignment of issue by user
> name associated with the line of code in the source code management tool.
> Triaged issues can be manually or automatically exported into a bug
> tracking system for further disposition.
> Additionally, notification of newly detected issues can be emailed to the
> group, lead or SCM submitter.
> Is there any interest in this level of integration and reporting?
> Best regards,
> Dan
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