Version bump.

Amar Takhar verm at
Fri Mar 25 12:52:11 UTC 2016

On 2016-03-24 23:18 -0700, Hal Murray wrote:
> I don't see how the next version is any better than the previous one.  It may 
> seem that way to you, but it will be just as logical to somebody else who 
> gets started the other way.

Because what is in master right now *is* 0.9.3.  It's very common to advance the 
version when you release.  This ensure every commit in Git is marked as 0.9.3.

For example, if you go pull the 0.9.2 tag right now and build a couple of revs 
backwards you will get 0.9.1.  That's not true since every commit after 0.9.1 
went into 0.9.2.  

Advancing the version stops that confusion.

> The current code says:
>   ./build/main/ntpd/ntpd --version
>   ntpd 0.9.2-afceec0 Mar 24 2016 22:43:18
> I think I'll be happy if the tarball drops the "-afceec0" part.

It has done that since the first build system:

build/main/ntpd/ntpd --version
ntpd 0.9.3 Mar 25 2016 08:47:59

There needs to be a '.git' dir for it to get a hash, the above was taken from a 
release dist.

> I'll be happier if the text from the git version has some indication of 
> whether it's post 0.9.2 or pre 0.9.3 but that's getting down into the noise.  
> As long as the git tag is there, we can figure out what is going on.

Right, OK.


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