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Mark Atwood fallenpegasus at
Sun Mar 13 20:31:04 UTC 2016


One of the policy mistakes that was killing MySQL 5.0, back in the day, is
that they would not make a point release until a target feature for that
point release was done.  This was killing them/us, because of the standard
difficulties with estimation was causing every  announcement to just be the
announcement of a delay, while users were waiting for bug fixes and for
proof of momentum.

Solaris and OpenSolaris had a different philosophy: they released
regularly, metronomically, by a schedule.  Features that were not ready
"missed the train", but could catch the next one.  Users got their regular
bug fixes, and each announcement was positive.

I propose that we move to a scheduled release model, with the addition of
security fast releases.

I'm thinking every two weeks, on Tuesday morning.

Discussion? Comments? Objections?

thank you!

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