releasing 0.9.2 this Tuesday 2016-03-15

Mark Atwood fallenpegasus at
Sun Mar 13 20:17:35 UTC 2016


We held up our last release for reasons that were good at the time, but are
now less important.

I want to tag a release and announce it Tuesday morning, and will do it
unless someone pulls the brakes on it for a good reason.

I have created a "== 2016-03-15: 0.9.2 ==" entry in ntpsec/NEWS.

Everybody, please fill it in with any visible changes, important bug fixes,
and security fixes.

Everybody, please test and push the work you think is ready, and check the
buildbot to make sure it didn't break.

The Linux Foundation Collab Summit is the week after next.  I will be
there, and will be pushing the NTPsec cause hard there.

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