adns is looking plausible

Eric S. Raymond esr at
Wed Jun 29 12:19:45 UTC 2016

Heads up, Mark!  Licensing policy issue.

I haven't looked at the code itself yet, but from reading the C header file
and the website, adns is looking like a plausible replacement for our
homebrew async-DNS.  I know who Ian Jackson is, and there's enough of an
ecology of related projects to make me believe that this code has been
trustworthy for a long time.

If it passes technical muster (which won't be hard to check) I'd be in favor
of replacing our known-buggy implementation with it and reducing our KLOC
further.  Depending on how it's implemented this might make bringing
back memory-locking painless.

The only obvious problem is that the library license is full GPL - not
LGPL.  Mark, is that a blocker?
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