The new refclock directive is implemented and documented

Eric S. Raymond esr at
Mon Jun 27 19:01:41 UTC 2016

Clark B. Wierda <cbwierda at>:
> IIRC, GPSD NG uses JSON over a socket.  Is this restricted to GPSD, or is
> the JSON general enough to be used by any similar source?

It's general enough to be used by any similar source. While that wasn't one
of my design objectives, it's almost implied by something else I was aiming
for - making the protocol self-describing.

> If the protocol is specific enough that we can assume GPSD, I think gpsd is
> correct.  I will agree with Gary about the possibility for confusion.
> Documentation will help, but the possibility will remain.
> If this is general enough, it could lead to confusion when another source
> uses this refclock, but I am unsure of the correct name.  Using socket
> comes to mind, but that has its own problems.

An argument for "json", maybe.  But not a really compelling one, because GPSD
defined the protocol and anything else emitting it would probably be
emulating GPSD deliberately.
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