refclock 28 gone wacky on me

Hal Murray hmurray at
Fri Jun 10 00:04:08 UTC 2016

> GPS module is a ST22, SkyTraq Venus 6 chipset.
[ntpq -p shows PPS link off by a second.]

It's a gpsd bug/quirk.  I've seen the same thing on a PC with a Venus chip 
connected via USB.

I mentioned it a month or two ago but it fell through the cracks.

My case occasionally flips from one mode to the other.  Occasionally is 
ballpark of a day.

gem at said:
> I suggest 38400 or higher.  9600 or less would cause this exact symptom. 

I thought gpsd was supposed to do the right thing.

gem at said:
> Got a scope? 

I have one.  I'm seeing a 10 microsecond pulse.  One per second.

That's from a Venus chip on a Sparkfun breakout board from 4 years ago.

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