Shippable ntp.conf files for the HOWTO

Hal Murray hmurray at
Thu Jun 9 23:21:15 UTC 2016

gem at said:
>     # The iburst option tells ntpd to query the pool serers with bursts ins=
> tead
>     # of single requests.  This can yield better results to remote servers. 

That part is just wrong.

iburst tells it to send the first few requests at 2 second intervals rather 
than wait for the poll interval which defaults to 64 seconds.  That greatly 
speeds up the time for ntpd to set the system time and start responding to 

iburst does nothing to influence the way ntpd uses local or remote servers 
after it is past the startup transient.

Stromeko at said:
> Just any one such line is enough.  It seems that chosing multiple pools from
> the same zone increases the chances of getting the same server assigned
> twice. 

ntpd ignores duplicates.

He's using the pool via multiple server lines rather than a pool line, so he 
gets one server per line unless they happen to be a duplicate.
>     #  server iburst

gem at said:
>> Just any one such line is enough.
> No, I get a lot of dead servers from the pool.  And with more than one there
> is achance one is not 2,000 miles away. 

One line is enough if you say "pool" rather than "server".

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