Shippable ntp.conf files for the HOWTO

Hal Murray hmurray at
Thu Jun 9 06:34:44 UTC 2016

[country code in pool command]
> I'm thinking about having clockmaker do that edit.  I think it's possible.

Maybe, but the pool doesn't support all countries (not enough volunteers) so 
that code will need to track the actual pool details and I don't think they 
make that information available in a convenient format.

You might ask Ask and/or the pool list.  He could probably add an easy to 
parse web page.  I have now idea how busy he is or where that would fit on 
his priorities.  If you have clean code he might like to copy it and/or 
various distros might like to run it as part of their post-install stuff.

These are my opinions.  I hate spam.

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