Logfile permissions and ntp group

Gary E. Miller gem at rellim.com
Tue Jun 7 23:59:33 UTC 2016

Yo Hal!

On Tue, 07 Jun 2016 16:51:05 -0700
Hal Murray <hmurray at megapathdsl.net> wrote:

> gem at rellim.com said:
> > logrotate does not make files, it restarts ntpd, so ntpd can make
> > the new file.   Which has all the problems of restarting ntpd.   
> The logrotate I'm familiar with has the option to make the new file
> after renaming the old one.  (I may be confused by the netbsd/freebsd
> version which has a different name.)

I guess loggerd can do that as well, but pointless as the daemon
has gotta know how to make the log files anyway.

> It doesn't restart the target, but sends it a SIGHUP.  That currently
> kills ntpd.

Yeah...  I just created an issue:


> If people think this is important, I'll put it higher on my list.
> (But discussions like this seem like a full time job.)

Prolly faster to change the code.  :-)

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