State of the test farm

Eric S. Raymond esr at
Mon Jun 6 22:55:36 UTC 2016

Frank Nicholas <frank at>:
> Have you considered a different kernel for the Odroid (or rolling your own)?

Of course.  I could do that easily enough, but consider it well out of
scope for the HOWTO's target audience.

> I saw somewhere that the Adafruit GPS HAT for the Pi should “just work” for the BeagleBone…

No, I checked and the BeagleBone GPIO bus isn't pin-compatible.

> Have you given any consideration of how to maintain these now
> (sysadmin stuff - updates, etc.)?  The Pis are all the same (for now
> - the Pi's may eventually get a 64-bit distro).  Somehow you’ll need
> to follow updates, architecture changes (like the dtb overlays on
> the Pi’s), etc.  This would be 3 x systems to follow - Pi, Odroid &
> BeagleBone...

Yes.  I'll automate everything I can and cross my fingers.
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