State of the test farm

Frank Nicholas frank at
Mon Jun 6 22:11:22 UTC 2016

> On Jun 6, 2016, at 5:53 PM, Eric S. Raymond <esr at> wrote:
> Five Pis and an Odroid are now up and running, fully configured, and
> ready for test/profiling use.  The mix looks like this:
> au         RasPi 2      Blue-wired SKU 424254
> cu         RasPi 3      Uputronics GPS HAT
> fe         RasPi 3      Adafruit GPS HAT
> nd         RasPi 3      Adafruit GPS HAT
> ne         RasPi 3      Adafruit GPS HAT
> xe         Odroid C2    Adafruit GPS HAT
> Important caveat: the Odroid lacks the kernel support to do 1PPS.  Until I
> can beat Hardkernel into fixing that

Have you considered a different kernel for the Odroid (or rolling your own)?  If you’re using what they have on their site, it’s quite old.  I know this is out of scope for the HowTo, but if the Mfg supplied kernel doesn’t/won’t support PPS, then either the Odroid is out as a platform, or you roll your own.  If you roll your own, it could be made available with the How To, like the other scripts/tools.

> Except for the rack, I think the buildout is done at this point - at least
> until we get a BeagleBone cape to work with

I saw somewhere that the Adafruit GPS HAT for the Pi should “just work” for the BeagleBone…

Have you given any consideration of how to maintain these now (sysadmin stuff - updates, etc.)?  The Pis are all the same (for now - the Pi's may eventually get a 64-bit distro).  Somehow you’ll need to follow updates, architecture changes (like the dtb overlays on the Pi’s), etc.  This would be 3 x systems to follow - Pi, Odroid & BeagleBone...

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