My pre-1.0 wishlist

Hal Murray hmurray at
Mon Jun 6 01:16:02 UTC 2016

gem at said:
> On the HDMI I need a dedicated screen, or switch back and forth from my desk
> top to the Pi on the same monitor.  Also, if my edid is not 100% correct I
> need to get right the aspect ration, refresh rate, height, width, overscan,
> pixel encoding, etc. 

I have a 4 port KVM switch.  For the way I work, it's wonderful.

2 go to machines I use often.  The 3rd goes to someplace that was interesting 
a while ago, and the 4th floats for something like bringing up a new system 
or debugging why something doesn't come up after a power glitch.

90+% of the time I'm switched to my main machine and ssh-ing to the others.

I don't remember any troubles with any of the display parameters.

The KVM box is VGA and PS2.  I have a VGA to HDMI adapter and a PS2 to USB 

It may take a not too old monitor to provide the parameters.  Or maybe my 
monitor is just good at adapting to what gets sent to it.  For the 
debug/rescue modes, I'm not using fancy graphics so I might not notice if the 
display was doing some fancy pixel mapping, but I tend to notice that stuff.

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