My pre-1.0 wishlist

Hal Murray hmurray at
Sun Jun 5 17:12:38 UTC 2016

dfoxfranke at said:
>> What's the time scale?  How long will distros continue
>> running old "stable" versions?
> Five years is the high end of the typical range and a good thing to shoot
> for.


Handwave.  Suppose we do a release every 6 months.  I'm assuming we will 
support the current release, and the previous release so people have time to 
switch over.  (and maybe the pre-previous for a bit of overlap)  That only 
goes back a year or a bit more.

If we want to support time scales in the ballpark of 5 years, we have to pick a few good releases for long term support.  That will require coordination with distros.  Mark: Is that on your radar?

In this context, support means security fixes and bug fixes for nasty non-security cases.

I haven't figured out if that complicates or simplifies testing.  We only have to test a few OSes, but we have to add a system running an old stable version to the test farm, probably one for each OS/version/hardware we want to support.

Is anybody expecting long term support for things like Raspberry Pis?

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