My pre-1.0 wishlist

Eric S. Raymond esr at
Sun Jun 5 13:50:15 UTC 2016

Gary E. Miller <gem at>:
> On Sun, 5 Jun 2016 01:02:08 -0400
> > > Use the console serial port.  Then you can see bootup even before
> > > video init.  
> > 
> > Er, how? I don't see RS232 on that thing and don't know how the USB
> > ports map to serial devices.
> There is a little white 4 pin male connector.  On the short end opposite
> the ethernet connector.  If you have serial to USB converter laying
> around you can plug it in there.  Otherwise you need to buy their
> adaptor for $13:
> A much eassier way to get console than HDMI, etc.

Only as a last resort.  This strikes me as a "now you have *two* probems"
kind of answer.
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