My pre-1.0 wishlist

Hal Murray hmurray at
Sun Jun 5 09:40:29 UTC 2016

>> I can add driver 8 mode 5 & mode 133 to that list.  For whatever reason
>> the PPS mode actually seems to work better; or at least in the peer list
>> the PPS lock is quite stable, whereas the original ntpd would lose it
>> quite often (dropping from "o" to "*"). 
> That's interesting. It seems like my code excisions accidentally fixed a
> bug, but I don't have any idea how it happened. 

An accidental fix seems unlikely.

I haven't noticed anything like that.  I'm not using driver 8.

  Can you verify that ntp classic still does what it used to?
  Does the parse driver log anything to clockstats?

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