My pre-1.0 wishlist

Achim Gratz Stromeko at
Sat Jun 4 17:43:17 UTC 2016

Eric S. Raymond writes:
> Agreed, it would. But if we've verified function with anything outside
> {20,22,28,46} I sure don't know about it.

I can add driver 8 mode 5 & mode 133 to that list.  For whatever reason
the PPS mode actually seems to work better; or at least in the peer list
the PPS lock is quite stable, whereas the original ntpd would lose it
quite often (dropping from "o" to "*").  At the moment I'm using the
direct DCF77 output as PPS signal, which of course is missing each 59th
second.  I plan to clean up the DCF77 signal with a microcontroller and
use one of the other parseclock formats instead (probably Meinberg since
their format has good documentation).

There are a few differences in how ntpq works and some of the things it
outputs, most notably multiple "-c" commands don't seem to work.  The
original ntpq processes them in order given on the command line.

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