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I know that IRIG is still live, but...  is this particular application
feeding the IRIG into a NTPD?

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> Yo Mark!
> On Sun, 24 Jul 2016 01:30:05 +0000
> Mark Atwood <fallenpegasus at> wrote:
> > Re IRIG being "primary time source in high end audio and video work"
> >
> > You are kidding me.  SIgh.
> Sadly, not.
> > Can you expand on that for me please?
> My son does a lot of robotics, and some of the robots he works on
> are now doing high end work holding high speed cameras filming TV
> commercials and movies.  NDA prevents me from saying the clients and
> technically I should not even know.  But you would know some of them
> very well.
> Prolly by Xmas time you will be seeing some amazing new photography
> styles.
> The audio, video and robotic equipment is all syncronized to IRIG
> time.  This becomes very important when you get up to 1,000 frame
> a second stuff.
> I was also very surprised that IRIG was alive and well in this niche.
> I propsoed to them using NTP to sync the robots to the IRIG signal, but
> for now they are slaving the robot on an IRIG time sync box, and running
> everything else synce on IRIG.
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