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Yo Mark!

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> Re IRIG being "primary time source in high end audio and video work"
> You are kidding me.  SIgh.

Sadly, not.

> Can you expand on that for me please?

My son does a lot of robotics, and some of the robots he works on
are now doing high end work holding high speed cameras filming TV
commercials and movies.  NDA prevents me from saying the clients and
technically I should not even know.  But you would know some of them
very well.

Prolly by Xmas time you will be seeing some amazing new photography

The audio, video and robotic equipment is all syncronized to IRIG
time.  This becomes very important when you get up to 1,000 frame
a second stuff.

I was also very surprised that IRIG was alive and well in this niche.

I propsoed to them using NTP to sync the robots to the IRIG signal, but
for now they are slaving the robot on an IRIG time sync box, and running
everything else synce on IRIG.

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