Buildbot with gcc5

Hal Murray hmurray at
Sun Jan 24 20:40:32 UTC 2016

verm at said:
> If you have any other ideas / permutations for builds please feel free to
> suggest. 

Many OSes/Distros have 2 supported versions.  For Intel, they come in both 32 
and 64 bit versions.

I'm assuming the above systems would have all packages interesting to ntpsec 
installed.  It would also help to build on a system with minimal installed 
packages, just enough to build a useful version of ntpd.  We would need to 
document what packages were installed.

I think we should also include some ARM systems.  The main distro for the 
Raspberry PI is Raspbian, derived from Debian.  Pi-s come in two CPU 
versions.  The old/slow ones take 6-9 minutes for a build (no doc, no check) 
and another 1-2 minutes for check.  The new CPU takes 2.5 minutes to build 
and under 1 to check.

I think NetBSD and FreeBSD both run on the Raspberry Pi, but I haven't found 
a good install  HOWTO for either.

We also need to actually run the code.  I don't know how to monitor for 
obscure quirks but we should be able to setup something for a sanity check.

We also need a way to test refclocks.  I'd be happy if we could run one of 
each major type on any OS.

Where are OS-x and RTEMS on the radar?

A wrong endian system would be high on my list.  That requires actually 
running the code.

These are my opinions.  I hate spam.

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