Replay progress report

Hal Murray hmurray at
Thu Jan 7 11:07:16 UTC 2016

esr at said:
> In the simple capture I have now, it gets all the way to the first receive,
> but replay then fails to call adjtime() as expected from the capture.

> My current belief is that replay mode is not populating the peer list
> correctly; I am instrumenting to check this.

What does the log file look like?  If you turn on lots of logging, it will 
tell you when it sets up a peer.  I use:
  logfile /var/log/ntp/ntpd.log
  logconfig =syncall +clockall +peerall +sysall

 3 Dec 10:29:15 ntpd[31873]: 8011 81 mobilize assoc 35989
 3 Dec 10:29:17 ntpd[31873]: 8024 84 reachable

We should start a collection of debugging routines to print out things like 
the list of peers.  The idea is to be able to call it from gdb.  In this 
case, you would have to run your test case in non-replay mode to see what it 
should look like, then compare with what it says when replay doesn't work.

> Any time call that is in pure I/O is not captured, precisely in order to
> avoid problems on replay. 

What does "pure I/O" mean?

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