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Mark Atwood fallenpegasus at
Thu Feb 4 00:47:42 UTC 2016

Hello Amar:

Let me help sort that priority list:

Get already existing OSes running on the new cloud provider.

Check into GitLab repos all of the configuration files and slave build scripts for BuildBot.  It’s ok if they have to be non-public-readable repos for right now.

Get cross compilation working.   Let us all know here on devel at know as soon as that is done, as that will be the 0.9.2 release

Document how to write new tests for the new test system you have developed, and check that documentation into the developer docs.  It is very important that anyone be able to write tests.

Then do the the rest of the items on that list.

Thank you!


On February 3, 2016 at 4:37:27 PM, Amar Takhar (verm at wrote:

Sorry for the late response tried to organise a little and procmail threw this  
into the wrong folder.  

I'm currently working on and will still be working on:  

* Expanding workers under Buildbot  
- The old operating systems are back up just need to be enabled. I'm  
waiting for this until I get a few other operating systems going which  
should be tonight / early tomorrow morning. I don't want to run into any  
issues while I'm sleeping.  

The above is the #1 task right now the next week will be:  

* Adding run-tests on real hardware to run ntpd and the tools to make sure  
they at least run and don't break.  
* Add cross-compile builds for ARM and other platforms. This will build ARM  
then upload the image to an ARM (rpi2) and test to see if it runs.  
* Enable snapshots with the new Release mode. This will be created after  
every successful build across all platforms. Each snapshot will be  
test-built before uploading as well.  
* Modify build system and rewind it back to the initial NTPSec commit -- this  
is a WIP no ETA.  
* Expand unit tests to cover config options and commandline options.  

Repository for the BuildBot config will be up as soon as I have time to clean  
it up and add documentation. Shouldn't be terribly long.  

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