recurring "standup"

Amar Takhar verm at
Thu Feb 4 00:37:22 UTC 2016

Sorry for the late response tried to organise a little and procmail threw this 
into the wrong folder.

I'm currently working on and will still be working on:

  * Expanding workers under Buildbot
    - The old operating systems are back up just need to be enabled.  I'm 
      waiting for this until I get a few other operating systems going which 
      should be tonight / early tomorrow morning.  I don't want to run into any 
      issues while I'm sleeping.

The above is the #1 task right now the next week will be:

  * Adding run-tests on real hardware to run ntpd and the tools to make sure 
    they at least run and don't break.
  * Add cross-compile builds for ARM and other platforms.  This will build ARM 
    then upload the image to an ARM (rpi2) and test to see if it runs.
  * Enable snapshots with the new Release mode.  This will be created after 
    every successful build across all platforms.  Each snapshot will be 
    test-built before uploading as well.
  * Modify build system and rewind it back to the initial NTPSec commit -- this 
    is a WIP no ETA.
  * Expand unit tests to cover config options and commandline options.

Repository for the BuildBot config will be up as soon as I have time to clean 
it up and add documentation.  Shouldn't be terribly long.


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