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Eric S. Raymond esr at
Mon Dec 19 12:26:26 UTC 2016

Hal Murray <hmurray at>:
> There is a showall parameter to the worker printout code for the peers 
> display in ntpq and ntpmon.
> ntpmon has the s keyboard command to toggle it.  ntpq has lpeers and 
> lassociations.
> Short version: I vote we nuke it - general cruft reduction.
> Long version:
> I've never found a good use for it.  I have been confused because peers hid 
> info that I was looking for.
> Nuking it will have subtle changes in the UI.  We can leave the old ntpq 
> commands around as aliases, but I'd vote for removing them.
> I just set the default in ntpmon to True.
> I hacked peers and assoc in ntpq to use True which makes them like lpeers and 
> lassoc.  There are also lopeers and lpassoc.

In principle, I'm not opposed to this as a de-crufting of the design.

In practice, I wonder if the cleanup buys us more than appearing not
to care about backwards compatibility costs us.

However, I'm not sure enough this is a problem to revert Hal's change.
And if he wants to nuke ntpmon's 's' command, I won't stop him.

Hal is taking responsibility for ntpq/ntpmon, therefore he gets the
authority to make these decisions unless I judge that he is making a
serious mistake - not a contigency I am ever expecting.

I would like to see other people step up like this (Gary has with
ntpviz, for which I am also grateful).  It isn't healthy or
sustainable for me to do as large a percentage of the work and the
routine decision-making as I have up to now.
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