First version of ntpmon

Hal Murray hmurray at
Thu Dec 8 20:51:13 UTC 2016

esr at said:
> Should be dot, sys.path, and PYTHONPATH in that order.  Best guess is you
> weren't running in the directory you thought you were. 

I'm pretty sure I was in the right place.  I remember doing an ls and there 
was the ntp link I expected.

> That's probably due to an overlong MRU list busting the row limit. Easy
> failure to prevent, I've just been too busy fighting other fires to do it
> yet. 

A long MRU is quite likely.

I just tried again.  (I don't remember what I did last night, but it probably 
included installing recent stuff to see if I could get farther.)  Now it says:
[murray at hgm ntpclients]$ ./ntpmon 
ntpmon: can't find Python NTP library -- check PYTHONPATH.
[murray at hgm ntpclients]$ 

Note that it doesn't say which library it can't find.

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