stats directory is gone - now, how is logfile pruning done?

Eric S. Raymond esr at
Thu Aug 18 14:16:24 UTC 2016

Because ntpviz is now working and documented, I removed a pretty large volume
of crufty ancient scripts for postprocessing statfiles from util/ and
util/stats this morning.  I will be astonished if anyone misses them.  I
merged the documentation under util/stats into docs/, where it should
have been in the first place.

Being able to do this was a pretty major victory for the
maintainability of the codebase, cutting down the number of languages
we have to worry about by 2 - awk and S.  Eventually Perl will also be
banished, leaving Python and sh as the only scripting languages in place.
At which point I will be looking hard at getting rid of sh.

This does, however, leave me with a question: How are we doing pruning
of statfiles at this point?  I seem to recall someone who is not me
working on this.  The facility, whatever it is, needs to be documented.
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