Next point release

Mark Atwood fallenpegasus at
Thu Aug 11 21:28:56 UTC 2016

It is time for another point release.

I've received enough private communications from people who are
successfuilly running lab machines on tip, and people who are successfully
running lab machines on the previous point release, and that my work with
the CII is illuminating the need for proof of motion, that I have decided
to make another point release.

I understand the objection that we do not yet have a formalized release
criteria system, nor do we yet have a formalized checklist or automated
release process.  As nobody wise is yet running us in load production, that
is not yet an issue.

This point release will not have Daniel's state machine patch merged in,
because it is a minor risk I don't want to take for the point release just

Other than that, everyone please chime in:
everyone else?

Please get your low risk bug fixes in in the next couple of days.

Unless there is a credible stop reason, I will issue the tag this coming
Tuesday morning.

Thank you everyone!

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