Proposed 0.9.1 release objectives, and state of TESTFRAME

Hal Murray hmurray at
Mon Nov 30 22:50:00 UTC 2015

> The getaddrinfo stuff is tricky, too, because it's threaded-asynchronous. 

You need to intercept the place where the main thread processes the answer coming back from the helper thread rather than intercepting the call to getaddrinfo.  (I'll say more if you want.)

I don't know where that code is.  Chris might know.  If not, I'll find it.  There may be two places, one for servers and another for pools.

Since Chris is working on rewriting that area, I suggest punting for a while.  Just limit your testing to using numeric IP Addresses rather than names.  (pool won't work)  If you are really desperate for server names, hack the lookup code to avoid threading.  There is a call early on that uses getaddrinfo to decode numeric addresses.  It passes in the no-DNS flag.  The only disadvantage of doing the lookup then/there is that startup may take a long time.


It might be worth putting a wrong-thread trap on the msyslog intercept.

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