PARSE clocks.

Hal Murray hmurray at
Mon Nov 30 18:33:40 UTC 2015

verm at said:
> Well, I can still make it work under the same --refclock= command instead of
>  1-47 for the builtins I can do p1-12 for parse clocks.  The numbers would
> only  have meaning in the build system.

I assume that means something like --refclock=8p3

I just looked.  The subclock uses mode on the server line in ntp.conf, so 
maybe m rather than p.

> This way I can have them show up in --list and used in --refclock.
> Does that sound reasonable? 

Sounds reasonable to me, but I'm put it as pretty low priority.

These are my opinions.  I hate spam.

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