PARSE clocks.

Amar Takhar verm at
Mon Nov 30 16:56:04 UTC 2015

I have a patch that allows for defining individual PARSE clocks.  There's no 
sense in compiling all 12 in when a user will in most cases only want one of 

The issue is we define how to specify clocks by their ID.. do we give the 
clocks new IDs and do it that way?

Here is the list of clocks in libparse:

CLOCK_COMPUTIME clk_computime.c Supports Diem's Computime Radio Clock
CLOCK_DCF7000   clk_dcf7000.c   ELV DCF7000 module
CLOCK_HOPF6021  clk_hopf6021.c  Radiocode Clocks HOPF Funkuhr 6021 mit
CLOCK_MEINBERG  clk_meinberg.c  Meinberg clock support
CLOCK_RAWDCF    clk_rawdcf.c    Raw DCF77 pulse clock support
CLOCK_RCC8000   clk_rcc8000.c   Radiocode Clocks Ltd RCC 8000 Intelligent 
                                Off-Air Master Clock support
CLOCK_SCHMID    clk_schmid.c    Schmid clock support
CLOCK_SEL240X   clk_sel240x.c   Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
CLOCK_TRIMTAIP  clk_trimtaip.c  Trimble SV6 clock support
CLOCK_TRIMTSIP  clk_trimtsip.c  Trimble TSIP support
CLOCK_VARITEXT  clk_varitext.c  Supports Varitext's Radio Clock
CLOCK_WHARTON_400A  clk_wharton.c   Support for WHARTON 400A Series clock + 
                                    404.2 serial interface.

We can enumerate this list starting at 47 if that works.

In refclock_conf.c we can mark it as &refclock_none and say it comes from 
libparse in the comment.



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