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Hal Murray hmurray at
Sun Nov 22 05:27:27 UTC 2015


> Yes, that is supposed to map to const-width font - <code> or <tt> in HTML

from docs/includes/ntpq-body.txt

+-w+, +--wide+::

from build/docs/ntpq.html

<dt class="hdlist1">
<span class="monospaced">-w</span>, <span class="monospaced">--wide</span>

from build/ntpq/ntpq.1

\-w, \-\-wide
.RS 4

It's possible that something is broken on my asciidoc setup.

This system is Fedora 22
It says asciidoc.noarch 8.6.8-6.fc21 is installed.
That fc21 looks fishy, but I'm pretty sure it is the latest.

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