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Eric S. Raymond esr at
Sun Nov 22 04:49:07 UTC 2015

Hal Murray <hmurray at>:
> The source has things like +foo+
> I think the + is supposed to turn the enclosed text into a different font, 
> something to indicate that it's text you are likely to type in or a chunk of 
> code.

Yes, that is supposed to map to const-width font - <code> or <tt> in HTML

> It's not working for me in either the man pages or the web pages.

Please point me at a particular instance; I'll see what I can do to
trace the problem.

> The web page for ntpq has a bunch of links to other programs at the top.  So 
> do several other web pages for programs.  I assume that's a bug, but don't 
> know what the right fix is.

Dave Mills designed it that way.  It wouldn't be difficult to change, but
I'm trying to avoid moving away from his look and feel before we have
him recruited/co-opted.
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