waf check -- Should it always run tests?

Daniel Poirot dtpoirot at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 17:28:48 UTC 2015

On Thu, Nov 19, 2015 at 12:37 PM, Amar Takhar <verm at darkbeer.org> wrote:
> I can add a flag to force re-run the tests.  Running unrelated tests to the
> changes you've made is going to generate a lot of unnecessary noise.

Hello Amar,

When do you think you might have a 'force' option to re-run all available tests?

I am new to 'waf'. I would like to submit an enhancement request - or
request enlightenment on how to do the following:

The Coverity tools use environment variables to enable test separation.

In the case of 'git', for example, I call the following to run the set
of unit test shell scripts:

export COVERITY_TEST_SUITE=$(basename $0 .sh)
for i in `ls t[0-9]*.sh`; do
    echo "*** $i ***"
    export COVERITY_TEST_NAME=$(basename $i .sh)
    /bin/sh $i

The 'basename' part is optional. ;-)

Thank you!
- dan

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