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0f85cab2 by Eric S. Raymond at 2017-01-20T02:49:06-05:00
Address GitLab issue #230.

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@@ -183,6 +183,10 @@ Python import error when trying to run ntpq or other Python tools.
 If this happens, just do ./waf build again.  This is a known bug
 which will be fixed in a future release.
+waf has been observed to fail under Python 3.6.0 and might under other
+Python 3 version as well.  The problem has been filed as an upstream
+bug. The workaround is simple: Configure and build with python2.
 The configuration system occasionally acts up during builds on new
 platforms.  If you see the message "Compilation check failed but
 include exists!" this means that an attempt to compile a small test

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