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Thu Jan 5 06:44:19 UTC 2017

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44c8e960 by Matt Selsky at 2017-01-05T01:41:54-05:00
Typos, grammar

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2 changed files:

- devel/hacking.txt
- include/ntp_fp.h


--- a/devel/hacking.txt
+++ b/devel/hacking.txt
@@ -404,13 +404,13 @@ Our GitLab group is at https://gitlab.com/groups/NTPsec
 Please used the issue tracker and the pull request process at GitLab.com.
 If you wish, you can request to join the GitLab project team at
-https://gitlab.com/groups/NTPsec/group_members and we will add you the
+https://gitlab.com/groups/NTPsec/group_members and we will add you to the
 team with Guest access.  This will cause GitLab to send issue tracker
 updates and pipeline updates to your email address.  You do not have
 to formally be a member of the GitLab team to participate, contribute,
 or send issues, patches, or pull requests.
-Granting other levels of GitLab project team access is at discretion
+Granting other levels of GitLab project team access is at the discretion
 of the Project Manager, after consulting with the existing core team.
 Generally, other levels of access will not be granted, as they are not
 necessary to be a welcome and effective contributor.

--- a/include/ntp_fp.h
+++ b/include/ntp_fp.h
@@ -138,7 +138,7 @@ static inline l_fp ntohl_fp(l_fp_w lfpw) {
  * Operations on the long fp format.  The only reason these aren't
  * native operations is to be independent of whether the l_fp
- * type is signed ot unsigned.
+ * type is signed or unsigned.
 #define	L_NEG(v)	(*v) = (-1 * (int64_t)(*v))
 #define L_ADDUF(r, uf)	(*r) = ((*r) + (uf))

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