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Fri Sep 30 09:41:15 UTC 2016

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54340bfb by Matt Selsky at 2016-09-30T00:18:32-04:00

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ea61a0a3 by Matt Selsky at 2016-09-30T00:18:32-04:00
Partially revert "Weaken header inclusions for better contaunment."


../../ntpd/ntp_io.c:3241:11: warning: implicit declaration of function 'tval_stamp_to_lfp' is invalid in C99 [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]
                                nts = tval_stamp_to_lfp(*tvp);
../../ntpd/ntp_io.c:3241:9: error: assigning to 'l_fp' from incompatible type 'int'
                                nts = tval_stamp_to_lfp(*tvp);
                                    ^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
1 warning and 1 error generated.

Seen on OSX and NetBSD

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4 changed files:

- devel/hacking.txt
- docs/includes/ntpviz-body.txt
- ntpd/ntp_io.c
- ntpstats/ntpviz


--- a/devel/hacking.txt
+++ b/devel/hacking.txt
@@ -477,7 +477,7 @@ This is the release checklist to be used by the project manager to cut each 0.9.
 . Email a warning message to the devel list, and ask each of the major
   contributors to chime in, and to each assure that the .../NEWS file
-  and the ../deve/TODO file is up to date.
+  and the ../devel/TODO file is up to date.
 . Wait 4 days for the contributors to check in and for the discussion
   to settle down.  If the discussion suggests that now is not a good

--- a/docs/includes/ntpviz-body.txt
+++ b/docs/includes/ntpviz-body.txt
@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ yyyy-mmm-ddThh:mm:ss. Alternatively you can specify either -s or -e
 (but not both) and use -p to set the default period in days.  The
 default is for the period to be 7 days, the end time to match the last
 logfile entry, and the start time to be set so that adding the period
-just reaches the last logfile entry.  The arugment with -p may be a
+just reaches the last logfile entry.  The argument with -p may be a
 floating point number.
 The -D N set the debug level to N and outputs with more verbosity.  0

--- a/ntpd/ntp_io.c
+++ b/ntpd/ntp_io.c
@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@
 #include "ntp_stdlib.h"
 #include "ntp_worker.h"
 #include "ntp_assert.h"
-#include "ntp_unixtime.h"
+#include "timevalops.h"
 #include "timespecops.h"
 #include <isc/mem.h>

--- a/ntpstats/ntpviz
+++ b/ntpstats/ntpviz
@@ -533,7 +533,7 @@ see how the measured offset is changing.</p>
 <p>The chart also plots offset±rtt.  Where rtt is the round trip time
 to the remote.  NTP can not really know the offset of a remote chimer,
 NTP computes it by subtracting rtt/2 from the offset.  Plotting the
-offset±rtt reverses this calculation to easier see the effects of
+offset±rtt reverses this calculation to more easily see the effects of
 rtt changes.</p>

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