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Update to-do items.

The to-do list used to say "The install production needs to warn of stale
ntpdc and ntpdate binaries." No it doesn't; making sure those are out of the
way is the package system's job.  Anyway those wouldn't be actual probkems;
a stale ntpdc is simply an isolated blob that no longer talks to ntpd, and
a stale ntpdate will simply work if you happen to invoke it.

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1 changed file:

- devel/TODO


--- a/devel/TODO
+++ b/devel/TODO
@@ -11,8 +11,6 @@
 * Add 'snapshot' feature to dump config status into a JSON file for collecting
   build + platform information
-* The install production needs to warn of stale ntpdc and ntpdate binaries.
 * Add support for enabling all conditional checks to ensure none are broken.
 * Add support for disabling specific conditional tests to ensure nothing is
@@ -32,7 +30,7 @@
   without the PLL to see if it's actually a win.
 * Hal points out that with signaled I/O gone, we can probably cut out
-  the buffer-pool code in tha daemon.
+  the buffer-pool code in the daemon.
 === Testing ===

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